About Us

Our passion for quality accompanies us

since 2010.

Materials Plus is a prestigious firm specializing in Interior & Architecture products from leading European suppliers. The firm has been in operation for more than ten years now. We offer architects, consultants and clients a range of unique and exclusive products, enabling them to customize client projects with additional creativity.

Materials Plus can help you create your signature look with outstanding services and products that include; office furniture, soft seating, acoustic paneling, carpets, vinyl flooring, laminate and wood flooring, outdoor decking, exterior wall cladding and many other products.

We stand out in a crowd as all our products are sourced from reliable suppliers from Europe. We guarantee quality with cost. We have diligent, dedicated staff members to service our clients and our goal is to build a solid and a long lasting relationship with every client and supplier.

Finally, Materials Plus team are trained to give competent tutorials which helps the client to understand the concepts of our products, the history of the art and the benefits of an improved environment. These tutorials are essential to a more complete understanding of acoustics, furniture, flooring and fit-out products.