“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”
R. W. Emerson

Color interatcs with human feelings; every color is linked to a state of mind and combined to others can activate a unique facet of its personality.

Hardflex is a heavy duty flooring particularly suitable for high traffic areas such as: offices, hospitals, schools, shops and department stores, leisure centres, 

public buildings and in every place where heavy foot traffic is expected.

Keep Hardflex stored loosely for 24 hours at a min. temperature of 18°C prior to installation. Subfloor should be clean, dry smooth and free of imperfections.

The floor should be vacuum cleaned and any marks left during installation removed. Grease can be removed with a neutral dilute detergent.When the floor is dry apply two or three layers of a top quality acrylic wax recommended for vinyl products.

Vacuum clean the floor as often as necessary to remove dust and solid dirt. Clean the floor with a wet mop using a neutral dilute detergent to remove grease and stains.

Using only best quality products remove any build-up of polish with a wax remover and wash the floor with water until it is completely clean. When the floor is dry apply one or two layers of top quality acrylic wax recommended for vinyl products.

Prolonged contact with vulcanized rubber (tyres, appliances and furniture supports, etc.) may leave indelible brown marks. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the materials and of the subfloor conditions for the intended use. Color match is subject to commercial tolerances. Claims for colour match or any other visible material defects or damages are not accepted after installation.