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Acriwheel is a self-blocking type of flooring.
The wear layer of the granulate version is made of an excellent blend of rigid PVC thermally bonded onto a homogeneous plasticised PVC substrate. The wear layer of the solid version is made of recyclable vinyl resins, elastomers, primary plasticiser and inert mineral loads.

Extremely simple and safe.
As for all vinyl flooring, prolonged contact with tires or other rubber objects can cause indelible brown marks. Installation should be carried at least at 18°C. This temperature should be maintained for 24 hours before and after installation.

For wide areas we recommend to contact our technical department.


Art. 3007

Art. 3008

Fire reaction: CE classe Bfl s1
Slip resistance: DS / R9 (Granulated) – R9 (Solid)
Indentation: EN 433 0,04 mm
Light Fastness: 6-7 Blue Scale
Hardness (Shore A): 94 (DIN 53505)
Wear Resistance: EN 660-2 2.0/1.5 mm3 Resistance to agents: good to oils, grease, detergents and most diluted alkalis and acids

Art. 3009

Art. 3010
Suitable for Wheels