Wall coverings

Heterogeneous coextruded and calendered vinyl wall covering.

Wall covering must be laid using the same technique adopted for vinyl floors on substrates that are perfectly smooth, dry, solid and, above all, protected from possible water infiltration.
Glues or other chemical products must be used according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
Before installation the rolls should be carried at least between 18°C and 22°C.
This temperature should be maintained for 24 hours. Our product can be hot welded using proper welding rod or chemically. Wall covering should be cleaned with detergent specific for vinyl coverings.
High levels of humidity and central heating pipes with temperatures higher than 30°C may cause damage to wall covering.


Art. 380

Art. 381

Fire resistance: CE class B-s2, d0
Resistance to chemical agnts: good resistance to oils and most common diluited alkalis and acids
CE Certification: 0987-CPD-185 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 IQNet-SQP n° 782