When wall and ceiling isolations are done, sound isolation doors are also important elements for complete isolation process.

Sound isolation doors prevent noise pollution. We have three types of sound isolation doors all models are applicable to any dimensions.

Sound Isolation Doors Performance Tables

Interior Use
Fire Resistance
Smoke Control
Sound Isolation24db37db43db24db37db43db24db37db43db24db37db43db
Surface ResistanceHeavy DutyGeneral UseGeneral UseHeavy Duty
Mechanic ResistanceHeavy DutyHeavy DutyHeavy DutyHeavy Duty

Threshold 1Threshold 2Threshold 3Threshold 4Threshold 5
Interior Use
Surface ResistanceHeavy DutyGeneral UseGeneral UseGeneral UseGeneral Use
Sound Isolation4-5 db1-2 db0 db0 db2 db

Threshold 1   Custom designed, aluminum frame swinging motion sound cutting attachments, heavy duty usage. Installation suitable for 50mm,64mm,76mm. This model has high sound isolation property threshold1 must use for isolations.
Threshold 2   This model produced from aluminum frame. For general usage suitable for sound isolation. Installation suitable from 50mm, 64mm, 76mm.
Threshold 3   This model produced from beech wood. No sound Isolation property. For general usage.
hreshold 4   This model produced from beech wood. No sound Isolation property. For general usage.
Threshold 5   This model produced from aluminum frame width mechanic giyotine threshold. This model works not from the ground works from under the door.