DOMINO™ acoustic panel

Product Overview

DOMINO™ is DECIBEL`s first line of high - end acoustic treatment and architectural acoustic panels. DOMINO™ is designed to become a powerful tool in the hands of the professional acoustician  who wants to control the sound absorption and reflection of any surface.

The combination of different perforations offers different sound absorption and reflection.

The even distribution of areas in the DOMINO™ panels from reflection and sound absorption results in more uniform absorption and reflection of sound waves.


The non-standard design and theover 6000 possible combinations with DOMINO™ panels makes it possible to customize the design and layout to achieve original architectural solutions. The color combination of the veneer and the fabric color in the openings, as well as the geometric combination of the openings, provide an infinite number of combinations.

The panels have two separate mounting systems - fixed and / or click - click system, depending on the requirements and the mounting possibilities.

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