Perforated acoustic panel - Acer™

Product Overview

Acer™ Panel is acoustic lining for achieving of optimum sound absorption in the mid-range frequency (300 - 600Hz). The geometrical shapes used during the design are in optimal proportion according to the classical formulation deduced yet from the time of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci the so called golden section during which the human brain perceives maximal harmonious geometric shapes in ratio 1:1,66. Guided by this "gold principl?" DECIBEL has created vision of the Acer™ Panel. In order to combine vision with acoustic effectiveness were conducted multiple simulations and measurements for reaching of the described in the sound absorbing graphics optimal results. The location, the depth and the length of the openings, the type of the material and finishing plane, the cellular structure of the porous material, the total thickness of the panel as well as many other parameters are result of a thorough research and experiments. 


The product is suitable for:

- Office premises
- Stores
- Restaurants and concert halls
- Recording studios and home cinemas
- Usage in indoor premises

The adhesive for the installation is polyurethane installation glue available for order from DECIBEL.

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