Perforated acoustic panel - WavO™

Product Overview

WavO™ perforated acoustic wall panel with its exquisite design gives excellent indication for sound absorbing capacity. This panel with its combination of acoustic foam and perforated MDF face is a highly effective solution for room acoustic. Its impressive design inspired by the acoustic waves form different kind of arrangements which makes it suitable for every interior.  Its sound absorbing qualities contributes to the audibility in residential and public premises.


WavO™ acoustic panel is very suitable for acoustic treatment of bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping areas, office spaces and hotels. Its modern design and its acoustic characteristics  make it ideal for improving the reverberation time in conference and tele - conference rooms, offices, broadcasting and television studios, concert halls, recording studios, rehearsal studios, auditions and classrooms, audiological and audiometric booths.

DECIBEL acoustic perforated panels can be installed on walls and on ceilings.

Use a polychloroprene or polyurethane adhesive to install the panels on walls and ceilings.

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